Colour Bomb Surprise

A few years ago, C.Dolly and I had hosted a party where all guests left with a complimentary bath bomb. With our minds on wellness and relaxation this month, we've decided to revamp the recipe a little to make it a colour surprise. Materials: 4 cups baking soda2 cups citric acid1 cup corn starch8 Tbsp… Continue reading Colour Bomb Surprise

Monthly Articles

Heart Month Dolly Style

This month is Heart Month and taking care of yourself and de-stressing is a huge part of keeping yourself healthy and happy. We tweaked one of our previous bath bomb recipes to add a color surprise to the center of it and found a way to use up some of our candy canes that were… Continue reading Heart Month Dolly Style


Candy Cane Sugar Body Scrub

My favourite google search this month happened to be, 'what to do with all of my leftover candy canes from the holidays.' After the tree was down, I had an absolute plethora of tiny candy canes littering the house. I tried keeping them by the door so people could break off small pieces as they… Continue reading Candy Cane Sugar Body Scrub