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Trailer Park Princess

17861581_1526967553981178_3428384196533705647_nThe snow has melted, the ice has come off the lakes and the grass is green! It’s time to dust the cobwebs out of the trailer and put on your favorite trailer park clothes! Let’s go camping! And, in case you are confused, We don’t mean camping out in the woods, we mean camping from the comfort of our respective home on wheels with full hook ups! These girls are not using an outhouse! We both have a fairly healthy dose of germophobia, and public washrooms and outhouses are not even in our vocabulary. Road trips are horrendous and I am careful not to hydrate at all until I reach my destination. I have been known to go HOURS, sometimes even days, without going to the washroom if my only option is an outhouse or a roadside truck stop. Not super healthy, or so I’ve been told. On the flipside though, we make excellent time!

To prep for the season, we decided to throw a ‘Trailer Park Princess’ party.  We dressed in our very best trailer park style (for our version, please see our Top 10 List for this month), made ourselves some Trailer Park Princess Cups, added some personality to tank tops with fabric paint and had ourselves some typical camping food and drinks (of course). Check out White Trash Cooking  and Wot in Tarnation?? for our May inspiration.

Trailer Park Princess Menu

Most importantly, we had the opportunity to make fun of a few common misconceptions/stereotypes and take home some fun projects:

Did we mention that the Jungle Juice was really fucking potent and so delicious? More than just The Dollies ended up trashed at the White Trash Party – The Dollies

Top 10

Top 10 Items to Rock the Trailer Park

Trailer Park Princess is not only a look, but a full on dedicated lifestyle. Google it and thousands of images will come up that range anywhere from the redneck frat party look to pin-up. Our everyday personal style has always fit well into this category and falls somewhere a little closer to pin-up but with a healthy dose of backwoods hillbilly thrown in as well. And no, I don’t mean to be disrespectful or condescending. It’s how we were raised and we’re proud of it. We know how to get shit done and look fantastic doing it.

  1.  Curlers and a hair scarf/bandana! I do not travel ANYWHERE without my velcro curlers. They are an absolute life saver for my flat hair. And particularly useful if you happen to not have power hook ups and are just using a generator. A blowdryer uses a surprising amount of power and some parks only allow you to run your generator during specific hours.
  2. Make-up. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it still make a sound? Yes. And if you walk out in the woods with no make up on and you think nobody will see you, will anyone know? YES!!! Because someone will always see you if you look like shit! It’s inevitable. Ever try to sneak into town in your sweats because you just have to run a quick errand? Sure as shit, you see 2 ex boyfriends and your arch nemesis from high school.  Want to ensure you have some peace and quiet? Make sure you’re looking fantastic. You never see anyone when your look is on point.
  3. Super cute footwear. Flip flops, hopefully with rhinestones or flowers glued on; slippers for your trailer, preferably with a fluffy animal or a heel; rubber boots in any colour other than black or white and a pair of cute running shoes that you do not, under any circumstances, actually run in. Unless you’re camping at Crystal Lake and Jason is in the next site.
  4. Spandex anything. However, be careful around the fire unless you want to rock the holey look.
  5. Flannel shirt. Because it’s practical, and warm and makes you look like you can chop wood even if in reality you would probably cut your own foot off by accident.
  6. Jean shorts/capris
  7. Sundresses. Plural! Because you don’t have to find anything to match and if you’re wearing your yoga shorts and cute sports bra underneath, you can just take it off and go swimming. Win win!
  8. Cute coats. Mother nature can be a bitch. Make sure you have enough variety to keep you cozy. You want to look good, but you don’t want to look unprepared. Bring a jean jacket, rain coat and something warm. I actually love a nice quilted flannel work coat for sitting around the fire.
  9. Flask/blinged out drinking cup for your evenings around the fire.
  10. Retro bikini or one piece. Hopefully one with a built in tummy tamer after you’ve been eating nothing but cheetos and redneck sushi.

A few of our favourite places to shop online are: Blame Betty (Canada), Black Milk (Australia) and Sourpuss Clothing (US) – R. Dolly