Monthly Articles

It’s a Liquid Sunshine Kind of Day

This month, we decided that everyone needed a good dose of sunshine for our Sunday Funday. Liquid sunshine that is, so we made our favourite resort food and made the blender work overtime creating a wonderful slushy concoction for everyone to drink. Not ones to waste any time, guests were leid on arrival and a… Continue reading It’s a Liquid Sunshine Kind of Day


Introduction to Paint Pouring

  I’m in love with painting and I completely understand the appeal of “Paint Nights” because most likely you’re surrounded by other beginners who love to drink wine and have a few laughs, even at their own expense. We’ve seen a couple of paint pouring parties advertised and, since it was a technique new to… Continue reading Introduction to Paint Pouring


Dirty Pour

Dirty Paint Pouring With Wagner's Paint Easy Supplies: Canvas Acrylic paints in various colors or use primary colors and mix your own unique colors. Wagner's Paint Easy (or Floetrol) Large disposable aluminum trays just a little bit larger than your canvas to place finished painting on Large, deep casserole aluminum pans to pour the paint… Continue reading Dirty Pour


Simple Swipe Paint Pouring

Beach Paint Pouring With Elmer's Glue Medium Here are the instructions for the Elmer's Glue medium method that we liked the best. This was not a dirty pour, but a swipe method which we found works better for thicker paints. Although we used the Elmer's Glue and a thicker paint for this tutorial, you can always… Continue reading Simple Swipe Paint Pouring