Sponge Bird Square Canvas

 Sponges are so multifunctional. Cleaning is the first thing you think of but there’s also art, decorating and so many more uses for them. We used sea sponges to paint the background of our love bird paintings. R-Dolly’s turned out amazing. I hated mine with a passion and spent a full week trying to figure… Continue reading Sponge Bird Square Canvas


Rocking the Pebble Art

  Rocks/pebbles are a Dolly’s best friend when creating art, decorating and designing. I love the different types, colors and textures of rocks. When my girls were little we would go rock hunting and always come home with cool new treasures. We didn’t have a rock polisher, but we’d wash them and each of the… Continue reading Rocking the Pebble Art


Winter Wonderland Wine Glasses

When organizing a craft party, our guests always love to paint wine glasses. The look of hope and anticipation on their faces when they ask if we’ll be painting wine glasses is heartwarming. We went with a winter wonderland theme for our glasses this year. Envisioning a deep-hued red wine as a backdrop for our… Continue reading Winter Wonderland Wine Glasses