Introduction to Paint Pouring

  I’m in love with painting and I completely understand the appeal of “Paint Nights” because most likely you’re surrounded by other beginners who love to drink wine and have a few laughs, even at their own expense. We’ve seen a couple of paint pouring parties advertised and, since it was a technique new to… Continue reading Introduction to Paint Pouring


Dirty Pour

Dirty Paint Pouring With Wagner's Paint Easy Supplies: Canvas Acrylic paints in various colors or use primary colors and mix your own unique colors. Wagner's Paint Easy (or Floetrol) Large disposable aluminum trays just a little bit larger than your canvas to place finished painting on Large, deep casserole aluminum pans to pour the paint… Continue reading Dirty Pour


Winter Wonderland Wine Glasses

When organizing a craft party, our guests always love to paint wine glasses. The look of hope and anticipation on their faces when they ask if we’ll be painting wine glasses is heartwarming. We went with a winter wonderland theme for our glasses this year. Envisioning a deep-hued red wine as a backdrop for our… Continue reading Winter Wonderland Wine Glasses