Painted Leg Lamp Pilsner Glass DIY

Materials Multi Purpose Acrylic Paint (yellow, black, white, red) printed leg lamp image sized to fit your glasstapeassorted paint brushesrubbing alcohol Instructions Taped Image on glass and first outline Tape your printed image to the inside of your glassclean the outside of your glass with rubbing alcohol to ensure your paint will adhere.Outline leg lamp… Continue reading Painted Leg Lamp Pilsner Glass DIY

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Oktoberfest: Dolly Style

12 oz. in a glass, 16 oz. in a pint, but if you really want to drink beer, head to the Oktoberfest tents in Munich the third week of September and drown yourself in a Maß which is an amazing 33.814 US oz., or 1 litre. The 16-18-day festival begins on the third Saturday of September… Continue reading Oktoberfest: Dolly Style


Dolled Up Oktoberfest Painted Steins

Make your Oktoberfest party unique by serving your beer in hand-painted beer steins! Supplies Glass beer steinsFolkArt multi-surface acrylic paintDetail paint brushesPrinted Oktoberfest imagesPainter’s tape Instructions Print out your images to the size needed to fit your stein.Use painter’s tape to secure the image inside your stein. Outline your image with a darker colour and… Continue reading Dolled Up Oktoberfest Painted Steins


Winter Wonderland Wine Glasses

When organizing a craft party, our guests always love to paint wine glasses. The look of hope and anticipation on their faces when they ask if we’ll be painting wine glasses is heartwarming. We went with a winter wonderland theme for our glasses this year. Envisioning a deep-hued red wine as a backdrop for our… Continue reading Winter Wonderland Wine Glasses


Painting Glasses Like a Boss

Last year, C. Dolly brought me back a beautiful wineglass from her drunkfest  wine tour. Due to our well documented crow nature, it has managed to fascinate us both for a period of a year. When we decided to do a clam bake, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to put our painting skills… Continue reading Painting Glasses Like a Boss