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Gifts for Them

When buying or making your gifts for others, it's important to not think about yourself. Weird, right? I hate to do the 'gifts for men' and 'gifts for girls' because it's really about what they have for their particular interests. 'Tis the season to think about others. My brother in law coaches my nephew's baseball… Continue reading Gifts for Them


‘taint Hard to Tint Your Glass

Apparently November is code for 'buy all the tinted mason jars in every store between here and Timbuktu.' Every time I went to search them out for our Bottle Opener Craft (Take Your Top off in Style), I felt like Old Mother Hubbard - nothing but bare shelves.¬† Desperate times call for desperate measures (a.k.a.… Continue reading ‘taint Hard to Tint Your Glass


Boozy Mason Jar Tropical Fruit Salad

Boozy Mason Jar Tropical Fruit Salad Want a refreshing, summery dessert that you can prepare ahead? These look beautiful and are a great alternative to traditional fruit salad. And they have booze in them, so¬†winner, winner, chicken dinner! All joking aside, we're not the best when it comes to making sure we're getting our full… Continue reading Boozy Mason Jar Tropical Fruit Salad