Masterbaster Grill


There’s not a single food that is more amazing than steak cooked over an open fire. Pair it with a baked potato with all the toppings, fresh corn on the cobb, caesar salad and a glass of wine or a cooler. That’s my favorite meal of all time. Trying out different marinades and sauces to baste the meat with is always a fun experiment in flavor.

My grandpa made a really cool grill that was portable, adjustable, easy to clean and would swing away from the fire so that you could flip your food without singing any arm hair. Derek has lost his arm hair a few times while using the barbeque. I would smell that wonderful, enticing aroma of burning human hair and know that barbeque season had officially begun. He’d walk in with the cooked food acting all nonchalant like nothing had happened and I’d just walk up to him and rub his newly de-furred forearm and smile. This is why I love my husband. He never ceases to amaze me with being so unaware of my deductive reasoning skills after being together for so many years.

My brother has made a few of these grills before so I had him create one for us. We purchased the supplies and voila!

**You MUST purchase your barbeque replacement grill BEFORE you create this little beauty. The frame HAS to be made to fit the grill. Three bold words in that sentence which means pay-a-fucking-ttention.

Cost per Grill: $30 CAD + supplies (I lucked out because my husband works on vehicles, builds shit every weekend and is also #crowlife so we had everything except for the grill, which I purchased at Canadian Tire. Make sure you purchase an actual barbeque replacement grill.


  • Grill – $30 – Canadian Tire
  • 1″ angle iron
  • 1″ flat bar
  • 2 steel tubes that will fit over the shaft
  • 2 bolts
  • 2 chain link spacers
  • Solid steel shaft with the bottom inch lathed to almost a point so that it’s easier to pound into the ground
  • 1/4″ wide by 1″ long piece of steel


  1. Cut your 1″ angle iron to size. Make the shorter side edges 1/4″ longer than size of the grill to create a lip on the front side. The back piece is also cut from angle iron and when the back piece and 2 side pieces are welded together, they should fit the grill perfectly with no wiggle room.img_2639
  2. Cut the 1″ flat bar for the front piece to length and weld to the side pieces of angle iron to complete the frame.
  3. Put the grill in the frame and mark the edge of the grill on the front piece.
  4. Weld the thin piece of steel onto the middle of the flat bar where you’ve marked the grill edge. This is to hold the grill in place while you’re cooking to prevent the grill and all your delicious food from sliding off into the fire like a sacrifice to the camping gods. *If you’re tenting, they won’t give a fuck anyways because you are temporarily residing in the house of the devil*img_2636
  5. Weld each bolt onto one of the chain link spacers. This will create your set screw.img_2635
  6. Weld one of the tubes onto the centre of the backside of the frame and insert one of the set screws.img_2632
  7. Slide the remaining tube over the shaft and use your set screw to tighten the tube to set the grill at the height you need for whatever food you’re planning to cook. Make sure it’s tight!!!
  8. Slide the tube attached to the grill and frame over the shaft. Have your set screw loosely fastened in this tube. This allows you to swing the grill away from the fire to turn your food and then swing it back over the fire to resume cooking.img_2596
  9. When you’re heading home, just remove the grill and frame from the shaft. Remove the grill from the frame to clean and pack everything away.

Remember!!! It’s not the size of your grill…it’s the way you swing it!! ~C.Dollymasterbaster



Portable Hiking Grill




If you’re hiking somewhere fairly barren and rocky or if you have a romantic dinner planned in the middle of nowhere, either because you love someone or you just want to get some, check out this light and compact grill. Just make sure you’re going to be able to find enough wood to start the fire for both cooking and getting some.






  • 1 – 12″ length – 3/4″ diameter copper tube
  • 1 – 12″ length – 5/8″ diameter copper tube
  • 2 Copper Tube Caps (size that will fit the larger diameter pipe)
  • 11 stainless steel bicycle spokes
  • 2 spoke ends


  1. Mark the copper tubes at 1″ intervals.09-IMG_5900
  2. Secure the copper tube in a vise and use a 3/32″ drill bit. Without drilling through both sides of the tube, drill a hole into the marked side of the tube. Once you have drilled the holes, secure the tube again and on the hole at each end only, drill completely through to the other side. Make sure it is straighter than a sad curvy penis, like our first try was.10-IMG_5903
  3. Use wire cutters and cut off the bent flared tip of the bike spoke.J-bend-silver-spoke
  4. Use pliers to bend that same end of the wire in a 90 degree angle 1/2″ from the end.img_2637
  5. Screw the 2 spoke ends onto 2 spokes and set aside. Use the wire cutters and cut the threads off of the remaining 9 spokes.img_2628-1.jpg
  6. Leaving the 2 end holes empty, take the 9 spokes and insert the bent end into the holes in the 5/8″ tube.img_2656
  7. Remove the spoke ends from the 2 remaining spokes and insert the bent ends into the holes at each end and lift the tube and roll slightly downward so that you can rotate the spokes 45 degrees so they will lock into place.img_2659
  8. Take the second tube and feed all the straight spokes into the holes. Only the 2 end spokes with the threads will be sticking out the other side of the tube.
  9. Thread the spoke ends onto the 2 end spokes to stabilize the grill.img_2663
  10. Put the copper tube cap ends on the 5/8″ tube.

To collapse: (The grill, not you)

  1. Remove one copper tube cap end and the 2 spoke ends.
  2. Remove the spokes from both tubes and screw the 2 spoke ends back onto the end spokes.
  3. Slide the spokes into the small tube so that the bent ends catch on the top edge.img_2655
  4. Slide the small tube into the larger tube and seal it closed with the copper tube end. ~ C.Dolly