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“A Christmas Story” Sunday Funday

I am obsessed with Christmas movies. Although I'll watch almost any movie with a Christmas theme at this time of year, my two favourite Christmas movies of all time are Die Hard and A Christmas Story. Since we couldn't find a manequin leg this year (may have to break down and buy one from amazon),… Continue reading “A Christmas Story” Sunday Funday


Marvel Decoupaged Heels

I have been wanting to make a pair of superhero shoes for what feels like forever. My original plan was to make a pair of Batman shoes, because he is my ultimate favourite, and everyone knows that in the war between Marvel and DC, Batman is DC's saviour. But, the perfect fabric just never fell… Continue reading Marvel Decoupaged Heels


Shoes With Style

Sometimes we love a pair of shoes so much that they become scuffed and worn. Other times we have a pair that's comfortable, but are lacking the oomph that make your ripped jeans look stylish. We keep them around because they're comfortable, but they no longer spark the joy that they should. Paint, glitter, glue… Continue reading Shoes With Style