Tuesday Ramblings

Free Library Programs

Are you or your family bored? Are you looking for something fun to do that costs zero dollars? Do you want to learn something new while either interacting with others or choosing not to interact with others? Either way is perfectly okay. Really. Your local library (hopefully) has gotten on board with providing free programming… Continue reading Free Library Programs

Top 10

Top 10 Free Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer

Let's face it, the majority of families can't afford to fork out cash for every single thing they want to do with/for their kids. We took holidays every summer with our kids to go see family and we'd save up all our change in a huge jar throughout the whole year so that we could… Continue reading Top 10 Free Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer

Tuesday Ramblings

Bookworms, Unite!

I've loved books For-Eh-Vah!!!!! After bedtime, I would make a tent underneath the blankets and use a flashlight to read. My ears were constantly twitching, listening for any signs that my parents were approaching the hallway. If I heard movement, I would flick the light off and wait until it was safe to resume devouring my book. Imagine… Continue reading Bookworms, Unite!