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JOEY Restaurants Kelowna

#fullonmouthorgasm While on our wine tour in the beautiful city of Kelowna, BC, we once again had dinner at an amazing restaurant, JOEY Restaurants Kelowna. So amazing that I’ve waited all fucking year to go back. The restaurants are modern and every detail from the lighting and furniture to the lounge and patio area were… Continue reading JOEY Restaurants Kelowna

Tuesday Ramblings

Endophobic Tendencies

While preparing ingredients for a charcuterie board and ingredients for pizza, I came to the life altering realization that I’m an endophobe. I was chopping off the icky pointy ends of the european pepperoni when I told R-Dolly that I can’t put the ends on the tray because they gross me out. I quickly looked… Continue reading Endophobic Tendencies