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Fall, You Got Me Under Pressure!

Everywhere I go, I hear everyone talking about how much they love fall. Tall boots, jeans, sweaters, Pumpkin Spice Latte (still not coffee), kids back in school, etc.... I'm pretty sure I do a post like this every fall, so you all know by now that I dislike it. I am made for summer. This… Continue reading Fall, You Got Me Under Pressure!

Monthly Articles

It’s Fall Y’All!!!

  If the above images give you shivers of joy, then you are officially not my people. Fall leaves are pretty and all, but my theory is that if you absolutely love the change of colour and falling of leaves, then you have not had to rake acres and acres of them for 30+ years.… Continue reading It’s Fall Y’All!!!

Top 10

Top 10 Fall Activities

    Haunted Corn Maze - My most prized fall activity is the local haunted corn maze. So prized that it gets it’s very own article! Look for one near you for both daytime and evening haunted corn maze activities. Pro tip: make sure you take along a human shield for maximum survivability. Hiking -… Continue reading Top 10 Fall Activities


Fall For Our “Special” Coffee Recipes

  When I was 12 years old, my Grandma began taking me for dinner at Savalas, a local restaurant that became “our restaurant.” She would pick me up, leaving my parents and siblings behind in a cloud of dust as we headed off into the sunset for our night out. She told my family that… Continue reading Fall For Our “Special” Coffee Recipes