Fairy Garden – Fairy Crossing Bridge

This "Fairy Crossing" is beautiful and will add a little extra whimsy to your fairy garden. Supplies: Small branches that will be the diameter you want for your logs when cut to length Decorations for the bridge Hot glue gun Glue sticks Pruning Shears Fairy Crossing sign - we picked up a package of chalkboard… Continue reading Fairy Garden – Fairy Crossing Bridge

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March Madness

It’s time to shake off the snowflakes and get ready for the warmth of spring. I love the snow but after 4 months, it’s time for a change. While it’s too early to start planting, it’s the perfect time to create some rustic-inspired fairy planters and update our winter Pinecone Paradise Tray (December 2017). Repurposing,… Continue reading March Madness


Fairy Garden – Fairy Clothesline

Does your fairy garden NEED a place to hang freshly washed fairy tutus? No, but who wouldn't fall in love with this cute little addition to your garden? Supplies: Wooden skewers or thick pieces of wire for the clothesline posts Jute or cotton string for the clothesline Tulle Ribbon or miniature flowers Miniature clothesline pegs (we… Continue reading Fairy Garden – Fairy Clothesline