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Top 10 Ways to Bring The Beach Indoors

I've always loved the beach. Some of my family's best memories are of time spent at a lake or river. I've been lucky enough to lounge on a beach in Hawaii and it was amazingly peaceful. Beach-inspired home decor can remind you of the sounds, smells and memories of days spent at the beach. Just… Continue reading Top 10 Ways to Bring The Beach Indoors


Homemade Bath Bombs

If you're a frequent reader of this blog, you will remember from my Tuesday Rambling,  WTF Matrix?,  that I am not a shower person.  I love bath bombs, but they can be quite expensive if you purchase them on the regular. They are super easy to make and are just as enjoyable as anything you can… Continue reading Homemade Bath Bombs

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Creative Stress Busters

What better way to beat the stress of the holiday season than by getting together with friends and creating. For more tips on dealing with stress over the holidays, check out our Top 10 Ways To De-Stress During The Holidays. This month, we decided to help our friends get a jump on their Holiday to do… Continue reading Creative Stress Busters