Tasteful? Tank Tops


Whether you want to tell the world you’re classy, trashy, or sassy, what better way than to spell it out in bright fluorescent letters on your chest? We had so much fun finding hilarious sayings to emblazon our shirts with that we were falling off our chairs laughing. I don’t know if that’s because they are honestly funny or if it’s because we drank too much jungle juice. 

The original plan was to use bleach pens, but they were next to impossible to find. We tried a trial run the week before and made our own recipe for bleach gel with mixed results (there were still a few lumps in it so it didn’t make a very fine line).  Totally operator error and I’m sure if you put more effort into it than we did, it will turn out great.  We ended up using Tulip brand dimensional fabric paint. They were pretty mess free and we didn’t have to worry so much about guests ruining their clothes. Everyone brought their own tank tops and I think that they all turned out great – R.Dolly