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After a crazy summer filled with new, exciting experiences and loss, the Dollies needed to truly let loose and party. Halloween/Samhain/Day of the Dead is our favourite time of year and preparing for our party was more fun than we Dollies AND our husbands had ever expected. We also learned, that while 'Samhain' can be… Continue reading Samhain


Halloween Hostage Photo Board

I found the best Halloween party idea on Pinterest. There weren’t any instructions but the board was obviously made out of pallets, which we happened to have a few in our backyard, so it was definitely doable for this Dolly. I went to Michael’s and found some chains and manacles (the Dollar Store also had… Continue reading Halloween Hostage Photo Board


Elegant Flower Skulls

  I love skulls and I love transforming them into more than just a symbol of death or a Halloween decoration. According to many people, “Elegant Skulls” is an oxymoron. However, it is possible to bring these two words together and create something truly beautiful that will be displayed in the home year-round. These skulls… Continue reading Elegant Flower Skulls


Occult Wooden Mobile

We were originally going to make pentagrams as they are a symbol of protection and ward off evil spirits. However, hexagrams are easier to make and still served our purpose. The hexagram was and is used in magical ceremonies and the occult. It’s used as a talisman for conjuring spirits and spiritual forces. The hexagram… Continue reading Occult Wooden Mobile