Strawberry Margarita, Part II

A few months ago, I had posted a frozen margarita recipe which had a strawberry adaptation. I don't know if you know this about me, but I happen to love tequila. This was a revelation that took about 20 years, which was precisely the amount of time that it took to get over the worst… Continue reading Strawberry Margarita, Part II

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Tacky Tourist Birthday Party

Who doesn’t love a good theme party? We dollies are a sucker for a reason to dress up and mix/imbibe some drinks. Some people dread dressing up for parties, and of course you don’t have to, but why wouldn’t you? ONE of us, I’m not naming names, doesn’t even care if she is the only… Continue reading Tacky Tourist Birthday Party


Frozen Margaritas

During the summer months, there are always some stray jars of margaritas kicking around in our freezer. They are great for pulling out for unexpected guests or for yourself when the margarita craving hits unexpectedly.  It is a great way to use up extra strawberries before they go bad as well. Just substitute the limeade for… Continue reading Frozen Margaritas