Tuesday Ramblings

My Non-Hallmark Christmas

While reading R-Dolly's last Tuesday Rambling, I was reminded about how different our movie preferences are. I decided to have a little fun with the beginning of her rambling and Me-ify it. I absolutely HATE all of the Christmas movies on Netflix but I absolutely LOVE all of the horror movies on Netflix. My goal… Continue reading My Non-Hallmark Christmas


'A Christmas Story' Glittered Tree Ornament

Continuing along with our month long "A Christmas Story" fun-fest, we'd like to introduce you to these great tree ornaments that will have everyone smiling. These ornaments are really easy and a whole lot of fun to create. 'A Christmas Story' Tree Ornaments Supplies Clear plastic or glass ornamentsRubbing AlcoholBathroom size paper cupsPledge Revive Floor… Continue reading 'A Christmas Story' Glittered Tree Ornament

Top 10

Doing a Craft Sale? Top 10 Items You Need!

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com Lots of stock. You don't want to have it all out at once, because then your table will look too cluttered. Keep your extra stock out of sight and below your table in totes. Some sales you will need to provide your own table and chair. At a minimum, you… Continue reading Doing a Craft Sale? Top 10 Items You Need!