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Paint Night


Well, actually it’s Paint Nite, but I can’t bring myself to type that in an actual title.

Unless you have been living under a rock the last few years, you have either heard of, or participated in a paint night yourself. They usually center quite heavily around wine which meant that I had to try it. We held a Paint NIGHT here at the park a week earlier, but since I was hosting it, I was working and unable to participate. BOO! It looked like it was a lot of fun and everyone’s paintings were incredible. It didn’t hurt that we had an amazing artist come up from Vancouver to lead the painters, but I digress.

The Paint Nite we attended was held at Summerhill Estate Winery in the tasting room. You had the option of coming a little earlier to order some food, but by the looks and smells coming from the plates around me, I decided that we made a good decision to skip that particular part. Who knew that garlic toast could smell like dirty gym socks? I wish the people directly in front of me had decided to skip it too. Anyway, we were to paint a lovely picture entitled ‘Moonlit Garden’ or something like that. I counted close to 60 painters crammed in to rows, and it was hot – hence the flip flops (don’t judge). We were given 4 dollops of paint on our plates – white, blue, red and yellow (just so you know how our masterpieces evolved). 

The artist walked up and down the rows telling you step by step how to go about your masterpiece. Sometimes you could hear, sometimes you couldn’t and only about 40% of the time could you see.  The tulip leaves weren’t all tulip leaves, and I had to eventually just let it go. Ordering more wine helped with that.

It is a great date night idea and a fun way to spend time with friends. For the cost of about $35 CAD, you can have fun and come home with something to show for it. Just realize you’re there to have fun, not suddenly realize that you’re the next undiscovered Picasso. Well, maybe Picasso. His art was a little out there after all.


Seated Woman (1937)


Painting Glasses Like a Boss

3-IMG_6052Last year, C. Dolly brought me back a beautiful wineglass from her drunkfest  wine tour. Due to our well documented crow nature, it has managed to fascinate us both for a period of a year. When we decided to do a clam bake, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to put our painting skills to the test with some awesome, one of a kind painted glasses. 

After much googling, youtubing and scratching our nether regions, we decided to take the advice of Martha Stewart, because she is our crafting queen. When in doubt, we always ask, “WWMSD – What Would Martha Stewart Do?” She would encourage us to buy her tried and true product, that’s what!

Martha Stewart, Multi-Surface Acrylic Craft Paint was the answer for our overwhelmed brain. There are so many different options and conflicting advice available on the internet and just as many pros and cons to all of them. We decided that paint rather than pens would give us more of the texture and artistic look we were going for. It was also available in a much wider selection of colours than pens and would give us options to blend colours for different effects. So far we are happy with them and they have stood up to the scratch test, hand washing and the dishwasher in the top rack. 


  • Synthetic paint brushes, variety of sizes
  • Martha Stewart acrylic paint
  • Glasses of your choice, we chose stemless wine glasses and pilsner glasses
  • oven


  1. Wash and dry glasses well to remove any film or oil that may be on them from handling
  2. Choose your colour palette and design. You can even tape a simple pattern on the inside of the glass if you’re unsure of your painting skills. If you’re painting something specific like cherry blossoms, or a tree, it would help to have the picture in front of you for reference (blossom count, colours, etc…)
  3. Let paint dry for at least an hour prior to heating in oven. 
  4. Place glasses on tray in cold oven. Heat to 350F and bake for 30 minutes. DO NOT REMOVE! 
  5. Open oven door a crack, and let glasses cool prior to removing. Do not forget about them and turn your oven on in the morning to make sausages for breakfast. If you do, turn the oven off and let the glasses sit in the oven until cold and then find something else to cook. – R.Dolly






Painting Dolly Style

Although I love crafts, I am not a painter. I can’t draw and my stickmen are definitely not in proportion. When I saw this project in A Hot Glue Gun Mess, I knew this gem had a future home in my livingroom.


As you can see, I not only found material for this project, but the picture frame for our twig art project as well.

IMG_5813 1. Prime your wood panel before painting if you don’t want to do as many coats of colour. Not necessary, but saves you some ‘watching paint dry’ time. Literally.  Choose your base colour (I used Acrylic paint) and do one coat in each direction with drying time inbetween.


2. In your very best scrawl, paint your truth.


3. Display on easel or hang with pride. Puff your chest out and strut.R. Dolly

Cost per picture: $9.50 CAD (less if you already have paint)

  • Wooden Artist’s Panel: $3 (Dollar Store)
  • Wooden Easel: $2.50 (Dollar Store)
  • Acrylic Paint: $2/each-2 colours per picture (DollarStore)