DIY, Top 10

Wine Bottle D.I.Y., Top 10

There are certain times in your life when you will look around your house or garage and think, "How in the world did we amass this many empty wine bottles?" Whether you drank them all by yourself or had a lot of guests over for the holidays, there are so many cool ways to use… Continue reading Wine Bottle D.I.Y., Top 10


Rocking the Pebble Art

  Rocks/pebbles are a Dolly’s best friend when creating art, decorating and designing. I love the different types, colors and textures of rocks. When my girls were little we would go rock hunting and always come home with cool new treasures. We didn’t have a rock polisher, but we’d wash them and each of the… Continue reading Rocking the Pebble Art


Painting Glasses Like a Boss

Last year, C. Dolly brought me back a beautiful wineglass from her drunkfest  wine tour. Due to our well documented crow nature, it has managed to fascinate us both for a period of a year. When we decided to do a clam bake, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to put our painting skills… Continue reading Painting Glasses Like a Boss