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Stormy Daniels

We are huge fans of ginger beer! The best ginger beer in our opinion is The Great Jamaican Ginger Beer. We make Moscow Mules and a fantastic Dark and Stormy. We also happen to be huge fans of Jack Daniels, so when we decided to use the Jack instead of the dark rum in the… Continue reading Stormy Daniels

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A Monthly Celebration of Drinks

No matter the month, you can find a 'National' Drink Day to suit your fancy. Feel like throwing an impromptu party? Search the official (or unofficial) drink days for your chosen month and you will be inundated with a varied, and sometimes strange, selection of celebratory days to build your theme around. Although I know… Continue reading A Monthly Celebration of Drinks

Recipes, Tuesday Ramblings

Dirty Dolly

To some people, what I am about to tell you is the most sacrilegious thing you can do to wine. Add olives. In my world, green olives and white wine are a match made in heaven. I am constantly adding a skewer of olives to my wine, which inevitably led me to think about martinis… Continue reading Dirty Dolly