Bee’s Knees Cocktail

"You are the Bee's Knees to my Cat's Pyjamas." In other words, we are both pretty awesome (I can only assume that since you're reading this blog, we have many things in common)! And, just like us, this gin cocktail is the height of excellence as well. Ingredients 2 oz. gin3/4 oz. honey simple syrup… Continue reading Bee’s Knees Cocktail


Christmas Mimosas for a Crowd

I have learned from watching others, that Champagne or Prosecco should not be the drink of choice when you're on a bender. I have seen one too many people hit the floor a little too quickly when they pop a bottle of bubbly. To help keep your celebration out of the toilet so to speak,… Continue reading Christmas Mimosas for a Crowd

Tuesday Ramblings

Spring Has Sprung! Let’s Celebrate With a Duck Fart!

Photo by Gerry Roxby on Ducks and their dinklings are my absolute favourite waterfowl. They are fun to watch and whenever they 'talk,' they remind me of Daffy Duck. They run on water, ride on their parents back, and there's always the sassy little adventurous dinkling that doesn't listen to their mom/dad, strays too… Continue reading Spring Has Sprung! Let’s Celebrate With a Duck Fart!

Monthly Articles

Fall Survival

Although September is the month that officially heralds the beginning of fall, October is where I finally get my sh*t together enough to actually pull everything together and become a contributing member of society again. Parents everywhere welcome September as the 'back to routine' month - a time of regular bedtimes and 6 hours a… Continue reading Fall Survival