Fairy Garden – Fairy Clothesline

Does your fairy garden NEED a place to hang freshly washed fairy tutus? No, but who wouldn't fall in love with this cute little addition to your garden? Supplies: Wooden skewers or thick pieces of wire for the clothesline posts Jute or cotton string for the clothesline Tulle Ribbon or miniature flowers Miniature clothesline pegs (we… Continue reading Fairy Garden – Fairy Clothesline


Fairy Lantern

After a year of weekly crafting, I have a plethora of crafting supplies. Some of them, like the glitter left over from our Thinking Putty, I consider to be the the herpes of the crafting world. Whenever you use it, it ends up everywhere. I am constantly worried that it is multiplying in my craft… Continue reading Fairy Lantern


Fairy Garden – Rockin’ Mushrooms

These super easy and cute little mushrooms will brighten up everyone's day. Supplies: Rocks Nail polish Glue Instructions: Find rocks that will work for a stem and the mushroom cap. Paint the stem with white nail polish. Let dry. Paint the mushroom cap with red nail polish. Let dry. Paint white spots on the mushroom… Continue reading Fairy Garden – Rockin’ Mushrooms

Tuesday Ramblings


Ginza Smoke House is the newest restaurant to open in our city. It’s a Japanese restaurant with a completely different ambience than any restaurant we’ve had here before. Most of our restaurants/bars have sports playing on a couple of large tv screens placed around the room. Walking into Ginza, I noticed the music and the… Continue reading Lightweights