Watermelon Daiquiri

These Daiquiris were a complete surprise! We love watermelon on those hot summer days but who knew that it would turn into an adult's dream drink! These are one of the most refreshing, tasty, not overly sweet drinks that we've tried. Makes 4-5 servings. Ingredients: 4 cups of cubed, frozen watermelon 1 cup of ice… Continue reading Watermelon Daiquiri

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Dirty Dolly

To some people, what I am about to tell you is the most sacrilegious thing you can do to wine. Add olives. In my world, green olives and white wine are a match made in heaven. I am constantly adding a skewer of olives to my wine, which inevitably led me to think about martinis… Continue reading Dirty Dolly

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Dolly Does Diabolica

We Dollies love our wine. We have gone on wine tours, love trying new varieties, enjoy a glass with dinner, and although we are far from sommeliers, we are constantly trying to improve our knowledge of our favourite fermented fruit.  For this month's Sunday Funday, we decided to invite a few close friends over for… Continue reading Dolly Does Diabolica