DIY, Tuesday Ramblings

Occupying Our Time

You know how you always wished that you had more time to do things? "If only I wasn't at work for eight hours, I could be getting so much done at home." Be careful what you wish for because now we have the time. Week one of physical distancing was a little confusing, but we… Continue reading Occupying Our Time


Honeycomb Coasters

In honour of the bees, I made some honeycomb shaped, re-usable coasters out of fabric scraps. The best tutorial I was able to find came from Kelly Bowser and Tori Thompson on Baby Lock. Visit their site and learn from the pros! They have great step by step pictures which you will need when it… Continue reading Honeycomb Coasters


Candy Cane Sugar Body Scrub

My favourite google search this month happened to be, 'what to do with all of my leftover candy canes from the holidays.' After the tree was down, I had an absolute plethora of tiny candy canes littering the house. I tried keeping them by the door so people could break off small pieces as they… Continue reading Candy Cane Sugar Body Scrub


‘A Christmas Story’ Glittered Tree Ornament

Continuing along with our month long "A Christmas Story" fun-fest, we'd like to introduce you to these great tree ornaments that will have everyone smiling. These ornaments are really easy and a whole lot of fun to create. 'A Christmas Story' Tree Ornaments Supplies Clear plastic or glass ornamentsRubbing AlcoholBathroom size paper cupsPledge Revive Floor… Continue reading ‘A Christmas Story’ Glittered Tree Ornament