Tuesday Ramblings


From my teen years and well into my early twenties, Fear of Missing Out was a regular occurring anxiety. You never wanted to miss the big party that everyone would be talking about the next week at school or the gathering of friends that would be reminisced about for years afterwards.  Now that I’m safely ensconced in my forties, my FOMO has been happily replaced with JOMO (Joy of Missing Out).  I love staying home with my family – Snuggled up on the couch under a pile of dogs and blankets while watching a movie, creating art or sitting on the deck with my husband enjoying the sunshine and watching the dogs play. Sometimes, I think that I would enjoy an evening out and commit to plans. When the evening in question arrives, I spend the day dreading the process of getting ready and heading out when I really just want to stay home. Once I’m there I’m fine and have a great time (usually) but I’m happy I don’t feel the need to make social commitments anymore.

Late night movies at the theatre have been replaced with the early show or matinee while bars and house parties have been replaced with fun and exciting exercise classes and new gym equipment to try at home.  This week, my newest toy of choice is the Feet Up Trainer.  I’ve recently started back into yoga and have always struggled with my inversions at pole class. I would love to feel comfortable with hand stands and improve my core strength, so when I had this come across my social media feed, I was intrigued.  I watched a few instructional videos, researched some prices (Amazon was the cheapest) and placed my order.  I didn’t put it together, but my husband said it was easy to assemble.  The trainer comes with a poster of poses which I found helpful, but the YouTube videos are my favourite.  It will take a while for me to build up the strength to do some of the moves like the pike leg lift on my own without a spotter, but I can see how this will help me in my practice. If you’re more advanced, you probably don’t need this, but for someone who struggles with feeling secure in a headstand, this may be just what you need.  I also find it helpful for increasing my flexibility especially in the shoulders and chest.  I do recommend always having a yoga mat underneath if you have hardwood or tile flooring to prevent the Feet Up Trainer from slipping on the floor.

Do you suffer from FOMO or are you firmly in the JOMO stage?  If so, how do you like to spend your time?

~C.U.Next Tuesday, R.Dolly

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