Tuesday Ramblings

Life With ‘Our’ New Puppy

No ad has ever resonated with me more than the one above. Recently, our lovely son brought us home a 20 lb bundle of joy by the name of Ana. Depending on the minute, she is either Princess Anastasia, Ana Anaconda (she’s a little bitey at the moment) or The Galloping Giraffe. Sometimes, I admit that I will resort to using her full name under duress. “Anastasia Evans! Drop that, right now!” I have been told by our dog trainer that I use way too many words and that I’ll take way longer to train than the dog. He’s lucky she’s smart as a whip so I don’t dispute that. I am having a really hard time not spoiling her and apparently that’s terrible. She’s a plott hound vizsla cross and has scads of energy that I love. She’s hoppy and lovey and runs like she’s being chased by an axe murderer 24/7.

Ana reminds me of what it’s like to be a mom of a messy and obstinate little toddler. She puts everything in her mouth; she ‘yells’ at us when she’s mad, hungry or excited and it’s always suspicious if it’s quiet. I’m thankful for a large fenced yard and a tolerant pack that has taken her under their wing.

Seriously though. I feel like between the kids and the dogs, I may never have new furniture, but if I do, this Sunbrella fabric may be a thing. Maybe a nice classic blue (which just happens to be the Pantone colour of the year). Ana would look beautiful on it, don’t you agree?

Whether your littles have 2 legs or 4, I wish you strength, patience and enough time to enjoy all of the cudddles and joy while you can because the unconditional love of another is never anything to take for granted.

~C.U.Next Tuesday, R.Dolly

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