Tuesday Ramblings

My First Spin

I live where the air hurts my face because I don’t like snakes that can eat me. I still like to snowshoe and x-country ski in the winter, but I am a fair weather enthusiast. If it’s colder than -10 degrees Celcius with a wind chill, I am staying inside.

This week, like most of Western Canada, we are experiencing incredibly cold weather (a HIGH of -25 degrees Celcius for the next few days) so I was feeling a little guilty about my lack of exercise. Like usual, Facebook the stalker read my mind and a spin class schedule popped up in my news feed. How hard could it be? After all, I know how to ride a bike. The price and time were right, so I signed up for once a week classes for the rest of the month.

Today was day one. I showed up 10 minutes early as the instructor suggested so I could set up my bike and she could go over a few of the basics. I had heard in advance that sometimes people are super particular about ‘their’ bikes, so made sure I wasn’t being set up for a high school moment where I was in someone’s seat. I had also checked with a friend who is a regular prior to going, so I already knew indoor shoes (this studio did not have clip ins), a water bottle and a small towel to wipe your sweat is a must!

My forty minute class started right on time and everyone seemed normal. The music started playing and I liked how you got your speed cues from the beat. So much work must go into putting together a play list for each class (I appreciate my SoulCycle Sirius station so much more now)!

Ten minutes in, I was watching that clock like my life depended on it (and it probably did)! Holy shit., I needed to last another 30 minutes! I have the absolute WORST cardio and this was just the end of the warm up! I was already regretting my lunch choice of a quiche and a glass of white wine prior to coming to class and the clip of Amy Schumer in ‘I Feel Pretty’ kept playing over and over in my head. PLEASE don’t let me fall of my bike and have a piece of my pony tail ripped out!

I Feel Pretty

The next 30 minutes were a blur of jumps, sprints, and hill climbs wherein I frequently wiped sweat from my eyeballs and wondered if I was going to die. Yes, I did scale back when I needed to (I chose the back of the room for a reason) and made sure I wasn’t seeing spots. As much as I’d love to see my abs again, I realize it won’t be possible if I’m dead.

In the end, I didn’t die and since I was smart enough to sign up for the rest of the month, I know I have to stick it out. It wasn’t the worst work out I’ve ever had (that one I vomited in) so I may actually love it in a few more classes. The potential is there, and if anything, the music is usally loud enough to drown out the sounds of my gasping death breaths. I’m happy I left my comfort zone and tried something new. I will let you know in a few months if it’s my new love or if it helped me see my abs again…. They’re in there somewhere!

~C.U.Next Tuesday, R.Dolly

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