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Superbowl Party Decor

First things first. Everyone hosting a Superbowl Party needs a stadium on the snack table. There are a few different ways to do this depending on your style and level of epicness. Do you want to host a party or do you want to host THE party? Some ideas and links to point you in the right direction are as follows… pick one or combine a few to bring your party to the next level.

Game Day Koozies and or coasters made out of artificial turf. See the post on Everyday Dishes for instructions. These are easy to make and make great take away gifts for your guests.

Goal Posts. Every stadium needs them. Thanks to, you can make your own from pvc.

Football Mason Jars. Instructions call for duct tape, but feel free to sub for some vinyl.

Water bottle labels by

Games add an extra element of interest to help keep even the most disinterested guest engaged. Try Super Bowl Bingo or the following drinking game.

The big prize. DIY Lombardi trophy

Fun Photo Backdrop to capture your game day memories.

Football snack cones.

Balloons! Fill in the gaps in your decor with balloons in your favourite team colours or black with some plays.


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