Crepes and Mimosas

New Year’s Day is going to be a family-filled event. We travelled eleven hours on excellent winter roads to ring in 2020 with our awesome Alberta family. I’m making crepes and mimosas for everyone and was hoping for an 11 am brunch time. It’s now been moved to 10 am and my husband and cusband… Continue reading Crepes and Mimosas

Tuesday Ramblings

Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

Photo by Kari Fulmek on Pexels.com The holidays tend to be a time for excess. Excess food, drink, spending and stress. Help keep your cortisol levels low and and make the most of your holidays by checking out some of the seasonal activities in your community. Sledding/Tube Runs - Remember how much you loved the… Continue reading Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season

Monthly Articles

“A Christmas Story” Sunday Funday

I am obsessed with Christmas movies. Although I'll watch almost any movie with a Christmas theme at this time of year, my two favourite Christmas movies of all time are Die Hard and A Christmas Story. Since we couldn't find a manequin leg this year (may have to break down and buy one from amazon),… Continue reading “A Christmas Story” Sunday Funday

Top 10

Top 10 Lessons Learned from “A Christmas Story”

You really can get your tongue stuck to a pole! Sadly, I learned this lesson with something even more disgusting than a normal pole that's in the middle of nowhere. I have no idea what made me test the theory but, as a small child, my tongue ended up stuck to the metal door handle… Continue reading Top 10 Lessons Learned from “A Christmas Story”


Painted Leg Lamp Pilsner Glass DIY

Materials Multi Purpose Acrylic Paint (yellow, black, white, red) printed leg lamp image sized to fit your glasstapeassorted paint brushesrubbing alcohol Instructions Taped Image on glass and first outline Tape your printed image to the inside of your glassclean the outside of your glass with rubbing alcohol to ensure your paint will adhere.Outline leg lamp… Continue reading Painted Leg Lamp Pilsner Glass DIY