Tuesday Ramblings

Fall, You Got Me Under Pressure!

Everywhere I go, I hear everyone talking about how much they love fall. Tall boots, jeans, sweaters, Pumpkin Spice Latte (still not coffee), kids back in school, etc.... I'm pretty sure I do a post like this every fall, so you all know by now that I dislike it. I am made for summer. This… Continue reading Fall, You Got Me Under Pressure!

Tuesday Ramblings

Dolly’s Packing List

This list is my lifeline when packing for a vacation. The list has shrunk from when my girls were babies until now, when it's usually just my husband and I. Adapt the list for your needs by taking a few minutes in a quiet space with your favourite beverage and your itinerary or destination in… Continue reading Dolly’s Packing List


DIY Steampunk Heels

I’m instantly intrigued by anything with Steampunk origins. The designs are so unique and fantastical. There’s an unlimited potential for creativity and originality that tugs at my artistic soul. Steampunk is best described as Victorian-style science fiction. Imagine a world where, instead of discovering electricity and silicone chips, it continues to be paused in the… Continue reading DIY Steampunk Heels

Top 10

Top 10 Menu Items From the Titanic Passengers Last Meals

The Titanic continues to enthrall people all over the world 107 years after it's tragic ending. Pickled eggs would have surely been taking a late night dip in the ocean after the ship sank and R-Dolly made some tasty ones this month. This began our journey into what the passengers ate on that fateful day,… Continue reading Top 10 Menu Items From the Titanic Passengers Last Meals