Wall Art Re-do


My mom has been on the hunt for the perfect picture to hang above her couch in the living room for years. Not only did it need to be big enough, but it had to have the right mix of colours and have the perfect scene to blend in with the style of the house. Eventually, she happened upon what she thought was the perfect picture…. Size was right (28″x60″), good colours with an autumn colour scheme…. Life was good, or so she thought until the sun shone in and highlighted all of the silver foil. Pretty soon, it was all she could see and her enjoyment of her ‘perfect’ picture was forever marred.

Not one to waste a good possibility, my mom handed the canvas off to C.Dolly and me so we could see what we could do to get rid of the foil and bring out more of the colours that she liked.



If you don’t like something, don’t be afraid to change it! There are so many people writing blogs and making a living off of refashioning used clothing and furniture. Get your creative juices flowing and find some inspirational instagramers and bloggers to follow because there’s nothing quite so satisfying as making something you love with your own hands.


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