Alice in Wonderland Clay Pot Person Garden Decor


  • 1, 6″ terracotta pot (head)
  • 2, 8″ terracotta pots (body)
  • 12, 3″ terracotta pots (arms)
  • 10, 4.5″ terracotta pots (legs)
  • Acrylic paint in an assortment of colours
  • Acrylic paint brushes in a variety of sizes
  • *Outdoor Mod Podge
  • Varathane spray sealer
  • 16 gauge wire
  • foam for spacers
  • washers or bolts large enough to keep wire from going through drainage holes
  • wirecutters
  • E6000 glue

*Outdoor Mod Podge has a very thick, almost glue-like consistency and it has a lot of tackiness to it, even after drying for the recommended 72 hour drying time. I was worried that the Mod Podge was frozen or defective but a quick Google search confirmed that my results with the consistency and tackiness were normal.


  • Remove dust and debris from pots by giving them a quick wipe down with a damp cloth.
  • Once dry, you can start painting. Remember that your head and one body piece will have an upright design and all other pots will be upside down. The arms and legs will only have your design visible on the lower 1/4 of the pot.
  • Once dry, apply a thin layer of outdoor Mod Podge using a brush with bristles (foam brushes will not work as they soak up too much of the medium and create unwanted bubbles)
  • Allow your Mod Podge to cure for 72 hours before applying 2-3 coats of Varathane Spray following label directions (allow to dry thoroughly between coats)
  • Using your E-6000 glue, join your two body pieces together. Let dry (will not cure thoroughly for 30 days, but will be hold well enough for our purposes within a few hours).
  • Cut 12′ of wire from your spool, bend in half and twist. Thread one washer onto the middle and then twist the wire until you have a 6 inch piece of twisted wire with a washer at the end. Your washer will keep one set of your arms on. Thread your pots for the arms on starting from the ‘hands.’ Insert a piece of foam between each pot as a spacer. Leave a space in the middle for your head and body and then start threading on your pots for other side starting from the shoulder. Secure the bottom pot with another washer twisted onto the wire.
  • Using your wire cutters, cut the remaining wire off and repeat the process for the legs.
  • You should have roughly 24″ of twisted wire remaining. This will be used to run up the centre of your 3 remaining pots and connect the arms and legs.
  • Make a hook at the end and twist it around the centre of your leg wire using pliers. Thread through the 2 body pots and add a washer at the top. Untwist the wire and feed one end through the centre of your arm twist. Twist the wire together again to secure.
Attaching the Legs
Threading the Wire Up Through the Body
Securing With a Washer
Attaching the Arms
  • Add another 3 washers to use as a spacer and thread the wire through the head.
  • Add another washer and twist the wire around a bolt or piece of wood to secure. You can use the leftover wire to make a hook so moving it is easier, but I would not recommend moving it more than you have to!

Once the weather warms up and the garden is accessible, my pot man will be sitting out amongst the flowers on a bright blue tricycle. Until then, he will have his home safely on our deck!


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