Tuesday Ramblings

Spring Has Sprung! Let’s Celebrate With a Duck Fart!

Photo by Gerry Roxby on Pexels.com Ducks and their dinklings are my absolute favourite waterfowl. They are fun to watch and whenever they 'talk,' they remind me of Daffy Duck. They run on water, ride on their parents back, and there's always the sassy little adventurous dinkling that doesn't listen to their mom/dad, strays too… Continue reading Spring Has Sprung! Let’s Celebrate With a Duck Fart!

Tuesday Ramblings

Dirt Is In the Air

Spring. I don't think anything gives a person a greater feeling of happiness and hope than when the bitter cold, snow and dreariness give way to the warmth of the sun, bare roads and the singing of birds. Thankfully, our Winter doesn't last as long as it does in Game of Thrones. Unfortunately, with the… Continue reading Dirt Is In the Air

Top 10

Top 10 Wonderland Inspired Crafts

Customized Heels....Yes, please!!! Found these on pinterest in the Alice theme and fell in love. Have been admiring these in the batman print forever, but now I am reinspired and this needs to happen. IDK what theme I'll end up with (possibly Mean Girls Club - Ryan Heshka), but glitter and rhinestones will be in… Continue reading Top 10 Wonderland Inspired Crafts


Sandwich Pockets

Grilled Ham and Cheese Every tea party needs dainty little sandwiches, and ours was no exception. Months ago, I made an impulse purchase (is there any other kind?) and bought the most frivolous item I could possibly have in my kitchen... a Pampered Chef Cut-N-Seal (sandwich press). I no longer eat bread, and my kids… Continue reading Sandwich Pockets