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Chocolate Covered JuJubes

I'd like to think that the world has my sister to thank for this recipe, but I'm sure some random person out in cyber space gets the credit for this one. When you're pressed for time and you want to add a personal touch to a gift or you have guests coming, this is one… Continue reading Chocolate Covered JuJubes

Tuesday Ramblings

Grinch Bum

The Grinch!!! My favorite character ever. And not just at Christmas. He's more of a year round favorite in my house and my youngest daughter has inherited my love of all things 'Grinchie.'  Last year I was talking with a friend and she mentioned that she had just finished making a Grinch Bum. The rest… Continue reading Grinch Bum

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Gifts for Them

When buying or making your gifts for others, it's important to not think about yourself. Weird, right? I hate to do the 'gifts for men' and 'gifts for girls' because it's really about what they have for their particular interests. 'Tis the season to think about others. My brother in law coaches my nephew's baseball… Continue reading Gifts for Them