Tuesday Ramblings

Toys for Adults

C.Dolly and I love to craft. We have gone through stages where we are scrapbooking fiends for months and then abandon our abundant supplies to switch to painting for awhile. Painting shifts to beading and jewellry making and then inevitably ends up with our sewing machines out and fabric covering the dining room table. We… Continue reading Toys for Adults


Would Poop Here Again! Wooden Sign

Happiness should be found in the most random of places to truly work it's magic. Once this sign was spotted many moments were made happy just thinking about it. We had to make these for our own bathrooms to share the joy with guests to our home. Would Poop Here Again Wooden Sign Supplies: Wooden… Continue reading Would Poop Here Again! Wooden Sign

Monthly Articles

Come Dine With the Godfather

  We haven’t come across many people who can say that they’ve never watched a Godfather movie. One of the Dollies can say that and can no longer live with the disappointment reflecting back at her from judgy eyes. It’s time to pop a cap in this Dolly’s Godfather cherry.  We decided to make the… Continue reading Come Dine With the Godfather

Top 10

The Godfather Top 10 Movie Trivia

The Godfather trilogy is based on Mario Puzo’s novel of the same name and the first movie premiered in New York City on March 15, 1972. Before settling in for a movie marathon of your own, surprise your friends with some interesting movie trivia.  In the film’s opening scene, Vito is seen holding a cat.… Continue reading The Godfather Top 10 Movie Trivia