Godfather Clock

What's better than a Grandfather clock? A Godfather clock!!! It has all the old-fashioned family feel with just a little more sass and danger. We picked up some wooden clocks at a dollar store and did a little bit of burning prep ahead of time. Supplies: Wooden clocks Torch Fine grit sandpaper Acrylic paint (2… Continue reading Godfather Clock

Tuesday Ramblings

Smelly Candles

I love candles with my favourite being PartyLite candles. However, my daughters have managed to find the one candle scent (not PartyLite) that I can't stand and that triggers my asthma. Now, to be fair, the asthmatic reaction could be a psychosomatic reaction simply because I find the smell so repulsive. Whether an asthma attack… Continue reading Smelly Candles

Tuesday Ramblings

Products I <3 October 2018

I love fall style. I do miss my easy summer dresses, but I also love the opportunity to take out my thigh high boots and darken up my hair again. The last few weeks I have really started to immerse myself in all things fall. I like to view fall just like spring - a… Continue reading Products I ❤ October 2018

Monthly Articles

Fall Survival

Although September is the month that officially heralds the beginning of fall, October is where I finally get my sh*t together enough to actually pull everything together and become a contributing member of society again. Parents everywhere welcome September as the 'back to routine' month - a time of regular bedtimes and 6 hours a… Continue reading Fall Survival