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Top 10 Food Truck Items to TRY at Home

grayscale photograph of two people standing in front of food truck
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While on our wine tour, we encountered a few wineries that had food trucks set up on site. This is a wonderful, non-commital way for wineries to offer food to their clientele with little hassle and without having to set up a full scale kitchen. Between the two food trucks at the wineries and the offerings available at Ribfest, I was able to try a lot of new foods and a few old favourites. Below are the top 10 Food Truck Items that I must try making a version of at home. 

  1. Deep Fried Pickles – No matter how you do them, deep fried pickles are a favourite of both C.Dolly and myself. Our kids love everything to do with pickles. Crunchy, salty and hot out of the fryer. YUM! I’m not a super fan of the breaded versions, so will give this recipe from the Food Network a shot the next time we have the deep fryer up and running. Almost Famous Fried Pickles1382541365213
  2. Avocado Fries – This was one of the items I had to try when I was at Truck 59 Cidery. The food truck was Renegade Kitchen and they offer a 100% plant based menu including ‘burgers’ and mac and cheese made with cashew cheese. The avocado fries were amazing (pictured below) and something I never would have thought about making before. From My Bowl has a nice looking recipe for a baked version. Creamy and delicious!dsc_0580
  3. Crepes – Growing up with a mother of Dutch and German descent, we were lucky enough to eat crepes on a regular basis. Even now, every birthday is celebrated around the dining room table at my mom’s house with plates overflowing with crepes, bacon and fresh fruit. Whenever we make them at home, this recipe for Basic Crepes, submitted by JENNYC819 on allrecipes is the one we choose to use.  It’s the closest recipe I can find to my mom’s (who uses no recipe at all). 5523097
  4. Fry Bread Tacos – This is one of my all time favourite dinners and food trucks offering bannock are gaining popularity. Most people have tried fry bread before, but if you haven’t topped them off with salsa, sour cream and all the other taco acoutrements, you have not officially had fry bread. My dad always baked his bannock or made it over a campfire. We regularly ate hotdogs wrapped in bannock and when it was my night to cook, I would stretch it super thin and make pizza out of it. My son’s favourite thing in the world was bannock fresh out of the oven with butter and homemade strawberry jam. It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I tasted fry bread. It literally melts in your mouth due to the fat content after frying, so be forewarned, it is not what you would classify as health food. Instead of just regular ground beef, I prefer to use chili. It’s still wonderful, I promise! Another winner of a recipe from allrecipes, Fry Bread Tacos II, that we have made so many times. 194843
  5. Grilled Cheese – We all know that grilled cheese is amazing, but did you know that there are whole food trucks dedicated to making nothing other than your old after school staple? How can you make a living out of just making grilled cheese you ask? By making your grilled cheese with the best bread, butter (not margarine) and adding extra and sometimes unexpected ingredients such as pickles, bacon, saurkraut or one of my all time favourites – fresh tomatoes and basil. No recipe posted for this one, just promise to use your imagination. Petso-Prosciutto-Grilled-Cheese-Sandwich-2-640x960
  6. Blooming Onions – When I saw these gorgeous morsels being packed around the grounds at Ribfest, I immediately left my husband in the rib line up and went to source them out. They were large and perfect for sharing. I was so excited and happy that I could provide the perfect side dish for our baskets of ribs that I ‘forgot’ that C’Dolly’s husband is allergic. The rest of us enjoyed them immensely though and it was such a generous portion that we couldn’t finish it between 3 of us. There are many recipes on the internet, but this one from sounded the most promising.blooming-onion-and-dipping-sauce_20821
  7. Lobster Rolls – I am a fan of all things seafood and all things Ricardo, therefore this recipe for lobster rolls is on my must try list. I will say that I’m going to ditch the hot dog bun for something a little more rustic. Visit for all of the delicious details. 260x351_7107
  8. Vegan Macaroni – Whether you like it or not, plant based diets are becoming the new norm. The food truck that can cater to vegan and gluten free diets will be a successful one. Renegade Kitchen had a vegan macaroni that my husband tried and actually liked (he is a hardcore KD fan, so it took a few bites before he got into the swing of things – he’s not converted by any means, but he did find it enjoyable and of great quality). Whether you’re making zucchini noodles at home or traditional macaronni, there are many cheese options out there that can add a new depth of flavour for you without sacrificing your ideals. Classic Vegan Cashew Cheese Sauce from Loving It Vegan and the Keto Cheese Sauce from the Keto Diet App are both great options. CreamyCheeseSauce8
  9. Shrimp Tacos – I see food, I eat it. So it makes perfect sense that I also love seafood! Scallops wrapped in bacon, halibut poached with lemon and shrimp – lots and lots of shrimp! Try out Guy Fieri’s recipe for Drunken Shrimp Tacos or, if you so choose, you can go the fish taco route and give the Baja Fish Taco Bowl from Nourishing Superfood Bowls a go.garlic shrimp dish
  10. Fully loaded hot dogs – If you’re going to sell hotdogs out of a food truck, you better have some amazing toppings to go with…. pickled jalapenos, saurkraut, caramelized onions, bacon, french fries, potato salad, mashed potatoes and gravy, tater tots, chili and pickles to name but a few. If you’ve never had a hot dog wrapped in bannock or crumbled plain ripple chips on your hot dog you’re missing out. food sausage puff pastry hot dog



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