Tuesday Ramblings

As the Stomach Churns

Scene Ibustling breakfast area of a lovely 4 star hotel. Dark, plush green carpets (poor planning?) with dark wooden tables and leatherette upholstered chairs. A table of 4 charming patrons with youthful good looks and excellent table manners, sits enjoying their morning coffee and complimentary breakfast which happens to include the best bacon any of them has ever consumed.

Charming Table Companion #1

How nice and considerate that this hotel provides us with such lovely fare with which to break our fast. It is uncommon to have such fresh and tasty food available at our leisure.

Charming Table Companion #2

The bacon is the perfect combination of crispness and saltiness. Much to my liking, indeed!

Charming Table Companion #3

The only thing more pleasant than the fare is the efficiency and pleasantness of the staff. I do hope that their day is made just as pleasant by the happy clientele here this morn.

Enter Stage Left

Nondescript grumpy lady who proceeds to swipe off fluffy scrambled eggs from all surfaces of recently vacated table onto previously mentioned pristine carpet and all surrounding surfaces.

Charming Table Companion #4

You’re throwing eggs on my shorts.

Nondescript Grumpy Lady


Charming Table Companion #4

I can tell.

nondescript Grumpy Lady continues throwing food all over said floor to make space for her and her peers whilst rolling her eyes at the crassness of the neighbouring table. 

Moral of the Story: Don’t be a wookie. Wax Your Cookie. No, not really, but we did see that on a sign and it seems like good advice anyway. 

In all truthfulness, we were not that charming, but we were appreciative and no one in the service industry needs to clean up after unnecessarily messy people. 

C.U.Next Tuesday, R.Dolly


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