Tuesday Ramblings

Procrastination and Cleaning Out My Closet (again)

wardrobe tidy hang neat
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The last month has been pretty hectic for us. The restaurant is getting busier all the time, we hosted an outdoor Aerial Arts show and there is always the regular day to day activities that come with running a business that make me surprised whenever a day comes to an end and I didn’t get nearly enough accomplished.

For anyone who knows me, you will know that I am the self proclaimed Queen of Procrastination. school assignments used to be submitted exactly on deadline (heaven help me if I had a slow internet connection), bookkeeping is not my strong suit since it’s all submitting things on time and I will always let myself get distracted by ‘more important’ jobs, and no matter how hard I try to keep my life organized, chaos reigns supreme.

A long time ago, I read a book by Flylady that was all about starting with the small things, i.e. your kitchen sink. For me, my kitchen sink is my closet. So, today, in the hopes of recovering from the weekend after the show (where I was surprisingly ill prepared, but everyone was wonderfully kind and said they didn’t even notice), I am once again cleaning out my closet. The paring down of ‘stuff’ is still ongoing in this house and one day I will truly be living a more minimalist lifestyle. If you’re in need of a closet enema as well, follow our tips on our Empty Nesters blog post.

Time to cue up the Eminem and get to work! The only question remaining, is do I make some extra money and sell my items or host another Clothing Swap Party?

C.U.Next Tuesday, R.Dolly




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