Tuesday Ramblings

Blissful Moments


I’ve managed to go through my whole life without a sprain, broken bone or speeding ticket. 2018 has decimated my grandiose thoughts of having a superhero locked deep down inside myself. It started with a speeding ticket. That made my husband completely giddy for days. Even after I reminded him that we’d have to pay the ticket, he was smiling for days.

The sprain and broken bone happened in the same unfortunate incident. I’ve always been accident prone or clumsy but this accident was caused by a poorly designed set of stairs. Every single member of my family and a few lucky friends have experienced the wrath of these stairs. I ended up with a sprained big toe on the left foot and a right ankle that’s broken in 3 places. I have zero balance on crutches with a non-weight bearing injury on the right foot and the sprained left toe. I’ll spend at least six weeks like this. My family takes great pleasure watching me move around with “less gracefulness than a baby deer learning to walk.” I’m now the proud owner of some shiny metal hardware.

It’s surprising how many simple things I took for granted. These are my main milestones to this point which have brought me the most happiness and feelings of regaining my freedom.

1) Showers – I had the plaster type cast on for almost 2 weeks. I could’ve put a plastic bag over it and taped it down to make it waterproof but I was terrified that it would leak and I didn’t want to spend any more time in a hospital to have it recast. I’ve followed the rules to a T so I can heal properly. Mama didn’t raise no fool. Let me tell you, sponge baths are nothing like a shower. It takes four times as long and is not as refreshing. When the cast was removed and replaced with a removable boot cast and I was told I could remove it to shower, I almost cried the happiest of tears.

2) Sleeping with the boot off – Last night was the first night I was allowed to sleep without the concrete-like boot weighing my leg down. Although I had to put it back on after an hour because my foot felt tingly like it was falling asleep, that hour was pretty fan-fucking-tastic.

3) Bliss – My normal routine always involved spending a few hours a week writing in the bookstore coffee shop or Bliss Restaurant. Today, I had my husband drive me to Bliss, help me inside and carry my latte to the table. Then I thanked him and asked him to leave me there alone for a few hours. He did and when he came to pick me up, I’d accomplished quite a bit of writing. I felt super happy and relaxed.

I’m excited about each new (old) thing that I’m able to accomplish and can’t wait for the next milestone that comes my way.

~C. Dolly~


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