Tuesday Ramblings

Beaver Whisky



I had a good friend come up to me and tell me that she’d found my next Tuesday Rambling. Well, guess what? She was correct. Sometimes you come across something and it’s just too crazy to ignore. This article was courtesy of CBC radio.

A New Hampshire distillery has introduced a new whisky for all you whisky lovers out there (R-Dolly, this one’s for you!) They’ve named it Eau de Musc and it get’s it flavor from the iconic beaver.

It’s also harvested locally which will appeal to whiskey connoisseurs who also like to shop local. The same whiskey connoisseurs could also be considered friends of the environment because  the trapper who supplies the ingredient already uses the pelts and meat so that no part of the animal goes to waste.


This ingredient is a secretion called castoreum and it comes from the beaver’s castor sac near the base of it’s tail. “These beaver anal secretions fall under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s ‘generally recognized as safe’ category, along with beeswax and bovine liver extract,” says Jamie Oaks, the head distiller at Tamworth Distilling.

According to Oaks, the idea of anal secretions might not bring sweet smells and flavors to mind, but it should. “It’s really vanilla and raspberry-like and it’s got this really interesting, lasting berry quality.”

I think I’ve found the perfect gift for R-Dolly and her husband!

~C. Dolly~



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