Tuesday Ramblings

Pardon Me, Do You Have Any Captain Mo?


A few years ago, when we were in Mexico, my husband happened to make the faux pas of faux pas. It was equal parts hilarious vs. embarrassment to everyone but him and the sommelier – mainly because the sommelier was super confused and my husband was oblivious.

First of all, let me just say that my husband is not a wine person. He has no idea what a sommelier is or what their purpose is, hence, the à la carte experience that night was a little more than he bargained for…

First of all, let me preface this story by saying that my husband tries so hard to not be offensive while on vacation in a foreign country. He learns the language, googles the customs and gets to know the people at the resort and in the villages and towns that we visit, so the fact that this happened at all was an eye opener for all of us.

While enjoying one of our evenings out, the sommelier happened to come around as they tend to do at an a la carte, and whilst trying to entice us into trying something a little more sophisticated than the regular complimentary fare, my husband decided that it might be an appropriate time to ask if there was any rum to be had, the sommelier was understandably a little confused and the kids were mortified. Many kicks were delivered under the table, but, to no avail…. The order was put in and the rum was delivered. It wasn’t until later that we were able to tell him that it wasn’t a regular waiter, but a sommelier who was at the table. We were greeted with a blank stare and the knowledge that no matter how hard we try, my husband will always be a captain.

C.U.NextTuesday, R.Dolly



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