Distressed Flower Pots

The distressed, naturally-weathered look is always popular and can hold it’s own amongst any home decor theme. These distressed pots can be easily personalized with your favourite color.


  • Acrylic paint
  • Clay pot
  • Sandpaper
  • Varathane sealant spray



Paint the outside of the pot as well as the inside of the rim. We did a second coat immediately after the first.

As soon as the second coat is tacky, sand patches of paint with a fine grit sandpaper to create the distressed look. If you wait until it is completely dry, you will need a coarser grit to create the desired finish.

Let dry completely.

Spray two coats of Varathane on the inside and the outside of the pot to seal it and then, using potting soil (not top soil), fill with your favourite herbs or flowers. 

Some of our favourite, easy care selections are: violas (great edible flower that is a fantastic addition to salads), thyme, basil, oregano and mint. For other great planting ideas, see our article on the Top 10 Plants for the Modern Mixologist’s Garden. Water and fertilize regularly, and remember, the smaller the pot, the quicker it will dry out!

~C. Dolly~



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