Tuesday Ramblings

Santa Clarita Diet

I’m a zombie lover. I get at least one zombie themed gift for Christmas every single year and I’ll excitedly profess my love for the squishy, oozing little creatures to anyone who looks like they might even care a little bit. Let me tell you, looks can be deceiving. I binge watched the first season… Continue reading Santa Clarita Diet

Tuesday Ramblings

Pardon Me, Do You Have Any Captain Mo?

A few years ago, when we were in Mexico, my husband happened to make the faux pas of faux pas. It was equal parts hilarious vs. embarrassment to everyone but him and the sommelier - mainly because the sommelier was super confused and my husband was oblivious. First of all, let me just say that… Continue reading Pardon Me, Do You Have Any Captain Mo?

Top 10

Top 10 Tips for Small Space Gardening

Growing up in a rural area, everyone in my extended family had a vegetable garden. The average property size in our area seemed to be around 5 acres and the pursuit of food took up a considerable area of said property. My mom and dad had a garden that was roughly 2500 ft² and my… Continue reading Top 10 Tips for Small Space Gardening


Distressed Flower Pots

The distressed, naturally-weathered look is always popular and can hold it’s own amongst any home decor theme. These distressed pots can be easily personalized with your favourite color. Supplies: Acrylic paint Clay pot Sandpaper Varathane sealant spray Instructions: Paint the outside of the pot as well as the inside of the rim. We did a… Continue reading Distressed Flower Pots


Plaster of Paris Votive Holders

Candles are one of the Dollies’ favorite things. They are romantic, calming, relaxing and create a sense of peace. The following words are not often spoken, but being without power is one of the best experiences: light multiple candles, grab a great book and relax. We decided to create our own candle holders using plaster… Continue reading Plaster of Paris Votive Holders


Plaster of Paris Container Toppers

Once you have the plaster of paris out already, you may as well make yourself some beautiful containers to hold bath supplies and seeds for your garden. We bought ourselves some glass containers from Dollarama, but you could also use mason jars. Supplies: Faux flowers - White is recommended for better coverage. While any faux… Continue reading Plaster of Paris Container Toppers