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Top 10 Ways to Bring The Beach Indoors


I’ve always loved the beach. Some of my family’s best memories are of time spent at a lake or river. I’ve been lucky enough to lounge on a beach in Hawaii and it was amazingly peaceful. Beach-inspired home decor can remind you of the sounds, smells and memories of days spent at the beach. Just a random item that pops up out of nowhere when guests least expect it will have them thinking about their own beach memories.

It’s the feeling you get when something catches your eye. The “something” could be shiny or dull, bland or eclectic, beautiful or hideous. It will hold your attention and evoke memories, creativeness and emotion. 

I inherited my love of colored glass from my Aunt and Uncle who always managed to find the coolest, oddest shaped colored glass items. My love for all things shiny is well known and over the years I’ve happily embraced it. Our Top 10 this month includes the type of beach-inspired items that caught and held our attention.

  1. Colored glass and jute. Add a candle and it’s a perfect way to light up an indoor space or deck.



2. Unbeknownst to my husband, these beauties have been added to our “Make Mama Happy” list.



3. Spend some time scoping out secondhand and antique stores in your area for rustic wire baskets. I love the uniqueness of pieces of driftwood and the wire basket displays them perfectly.


4. Driftwood, stones, sand and gravel make simple and attractive displays for any home.



5. Learn how to create your own beach sunset and give it a rustic look.

Vertical Sunset Beach Art


6. Coral bookends will add whimsy and life to any bookshelf or mantle.



7. I love this idea! It’s a way to use up some of the less unique pieces of driftwood that I’ve gathered. Light it up in the evening and it’s even more amazing.


8. I have a large conch shell that will become a planter for either succulents or air plants. I honestly had no idea how I could make it “more” until I came across this tutorial.


9. As a kid I collected rocks, shells and weird oddities. My most exciting find was an arrowhead. I hid it really well because to this day, I still can’t find it in my parents house. Every once in awhile I’ll be on a search for my arrowhead and my mom knows exactly what I’m looking for.

10.  There’s no link for this awesome idea. It’s super easy and spraying the glass/jars and rubberbands with Krylon Sea Glass Finish spray paint is a great option.

ff55cd8ee21179330f873ea70bc11601 (1)

~C. Dolly~


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