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It’s a Liquid Sunshine Kind of Day


This month, we decided that everyone needed a good dose of sunshine for our Sunday Funday. Liquid sunshine that is, so we made our favourite resort food and made the blender work overtime creating a wonderful slushy concoction for everyone to drink. Not ones to waste any time, guests were leid on arrival and a drink (or two) was placed in everyone’s hand. Everyone had fun and left the party a little (or lot) tipsy with a new piece of art. It was the makings of a perfect afternoon.

We realize that we live in the Cariboo but Mother Nature is being a fickle bitch this year and it’s snowing. On April 1st. Nope, it’s not a joke. This is the truest winter we’ve had in years. It’s the winter that I remember from when I was little. The “never ending, snow angel and igloo making, shovel the end of the driveway right after the snow plow went by so that it didn’t freeze into a block of ice” winter. As a kid, the overall responsibilities we had were much less so it was actually fun to shovel the massive snow chunks that the plow left behind. It made us feel important and like mini-superwomen. As an adult, we hear the snow plow and it just makes us feel tired.

Most of our crafting time this month was spent trying out different ideas and methods we found for the “dirty pour.” It was trickier than we originally thought and therefore, it became our only craft for the month. C.Dolly demonstrated the ‘Dirty Pour’ for our craft afternoon and everyone got started creating their masterpieces.

For anyone looking to recreate this fun and relaxing party, click on the links below. As always, make sure you try the craft yourself ahead of time to get your personal method down and have a sample piece to show your guests. 

Check out our Top Ten Ways To Bring The Beach Indoors if you’re wanting to be inspired all year long.

Also, as a little added bonus this month, check out C. Dolly’s Best April Fool’s Creation thus far!



Another low prep, relaxing Sunday Funday that produced some beautiful art to hang on the walls and lowered everyone’s stress levels adequately enough to be able to face the week ahead.




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