Tuesday Ramblings

The Angles Wonder Heaven

Nobody’s perfect when it comes to spelling or the correct usage of words. There are the obvious mistakes that people make: there, their, they’re and your, you’re are common examples. Whether the person doesn’t care to learn the difference, was in a hurry or does it on purpose to create tiny little aneurysms in those… Continue reading The Angles Wonder Heaven

Tuesday Ramblings

Go Go Gadget!

I love to exercise (as long as it's fun) and I love gadgets (as long as they're easy to operate). I also have a surprisingly short attention span, so gadgets, apps, fun classes, etc... help keep me motivated during the winter months when I choose to not be outside as much. As with any exercise… Continue reading Go Go Gadget!

Monthly Articles

It’s a Liquid Sunshine Kind of Day

This month, we decided that everyone needed a good dose of sunshine for our Sunday Funday. Liquid sunshine that is, so we made our favourite resort food and made the blender work overtime creating a wonderful slushy concoction for everyone to drink. Not ones to waste any time, guests were leid on arrival and a… Continue reading It’s a Liquid Sunshine Kind of Day


Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts

These little morsels have made an appearance at every single one of my family's appetizer potlucks as far back as I can remember. These appetizer potlucks are a family tradition for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve gatherings. The crunchiness of the water chestnuts mixed with the flavors of the bacon, soy sauce and brown… Continue reading Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts