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March Madness

It’s time to shake off the snowflakes and get ready for the warmth of spring. I love the snow but after 4 months, it’s time for a change. While it’s too early to start planting, it’s the perfect time to create some rustic-inspired fairy planters and update our winter Pinecone Paradise Tray (December 2017). Repurposing, updating and refreshing previous projects is important, not only to keep your home from looking like a hoarder has taken up residence, but it also keeps your projects budget-friendly.

Making cute, tiny, finicky and adorable fairy garden furniture is exciting and very time consuming. It took us hours just to glue the rocks onto our pots. Lots and lots of hours spread over 3 crafting days. If you love being focused on your project in solitude, you’ll definitely enjoy this. For hours. If you don’t enjoy complete focus or solitude, find a friend to make the time go by faster and break the hours up with laughter, food and drinks. This theory also applies to the furniture. It’s a lot of fun and you’ll be surprised at how many of the supplies will already be residing in your home.

If you are also wanting to find something to do until the weather is nice enough to get outside and plant, check out our Top 10 Garden Crafts to Get You Through Until Spring.






~C. Dolly~


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