Fairy Garden – Fairy Crossing Bridge


This “Fairy Crossing” is beautiful and will add a little extra whimsy to your fairy garden.


  • Small branches that will be the diameter you want for your logs when cut to length
  • Decorations for the bridge
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Pruning Shears
  • Fairy Crossing sign – we picked up a package of chalkboard buffet sticks at our local dollar store and a chalk writer pen



  1.  Decide on the width of your bridge, measure and cut the branches with pruning shears.
  2. Keeping in mind how long you want your bridge to be and the slope of the bridge, hot glue the logs together. 13-IMG_6422
  3. Hot glue greenery, moss, flowers or any other decorations you’d like onto the bridge. Don’t forget to create interesting features such as “trailing plants”, “shrubs” and mossy growth in the cracks of the logs.
  4. Add a “Fairy Crossing” sign.

~C. Dolly~


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