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To Bling or Not to Bling…

"To bling or not to bling, is that seriously ever a question?" This thought was on my mind as I was elbow deep in rhinestones, tulle and glue. I was in the process of making myself yet another tutu and started to wonder why I had never thought about putting rhinestones on any of my… Continue reading To Bling or Not to Bling…

Tuesday Ramblings

Don’t Wreck Wreck Beach

About 6 years ago, while visiting my wonderful in-laws, there was a news story that caught my attention. “Vancouver Nude Beach Patrons Seek Noise Regulation” What?? I had no idea British Columbia had a nude beach. If I had, I would’ve been down there enjoying the sunshine on bits of my body that had never… Continue reading Don’t Wreck Wreck Beach


Fairy Garden – Fairy Crossing Bridge

This "Fairy Crossing" is beautiful and will add a little extra whimsy to your fairy garden. Supplies: Small branches that will be the diameter you want for your logs when cut to length Decorations for the bridge Hot glue gun Glue sticks Pruning Shears Fairy Crossing sign - we picked up a package of chalkboard… Continue reading Fairy Garden – Fairy Crossing Bridge

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Top 10 Garden Crafts to Get You Through Until Spring

If the winter is getting you down and you can't wait for spring to arrive, help alleviate some of your spring fever by starting some of these easy make ahead garden crafts. Watering Can that Pours Crystals If you have an old metal watering can kicking around with a rain spout, then this craft is… Continue reading Top 10 Garden Crafts to Get You Through Until Spring