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New Year, Same You Party

January brought the usual feeling of, “I ate and drank way too much and I may need to call a repairman because my dryer seems to be shrinking all of my clothes.” Regardless of how we may or may not have overindulged in December, we still need to have a monthly party to get our minds in a good place. The need for self care is such an important and often overlooked thing as a parent that we Dollies try to make sure that we not only provide a monthly opportunity for us to take time for ourselves, but we also want to bring friends together to enjoy it as well! These have affectionately become known as our Sunday Fundays.

This month our agenda was simple – eat good, healthy food, create a simple craft to take home, drink a few beverages (healthy or not) and VISIT! 



All of the appetizers were super easy to make – hummus was bought from the store and the edamame pods were microwaved and sprinkled with salt. The most prep we had, and it was pretty minimal, was for the cauliflower bites and the shrimp appetizer. 

We started out by marbleizing our bottles right away as they needed time to dry completely (about 2 hours). Once dry, we filled our bottles with a small sampling of homemade bubble bath. For anyone who has ever made their own bubble bath, you know that it’s not really bubbly. You will never get the bubbles of a store bought bubble bath unless you add all sorts of yucky ingredients like sodium laureth sulphate, and who wants that? Our bubble bath was made with glycerin and liquid African Black soap (which has amazing skin benefits) and individualized by each person with the essential oils of their choice. All of our friends also left with a homemade bath bomb so if they didn’t get enough relaxation at the party, they could cap off their day with a nice relaxing soak at home.

To us, self care also means amazing comfort food! See our two different recipes for pierogies: Keto Pierogies and Sophie’s Pierogies. And, with Valentine’s Day looming in the near future, you may also want to read our Top 10 Reasons Why You Might Be Single on Valentine’s Day.




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