Tuesday Ramblings

The Office Christmas Party

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Last Saturday, I attended the yearly Christmas party with a few of my closest friends who just so happen to work at the same place – coincidence? I think not. This particular event took place at a local bar where a fantastic band happened to be playing. It was also a closed event until too many people started to leave and then the doors had to be opened to the public. Yes, you heard that correctly. Too many people left, so the doors had to be opened to the public! This made me reminisce about Christmas parties past. Has table dancing and regretting your actions the next morning gone by way of the dodo bird?

There may be epic Christmas parties out there still, but I have not heard of or been to one since the nineties. I’ve been to GOOD Christmas parties, but not epic. Although it was never me taking off my clothes on the dance floor and flirting with the bosses significant other while sloshing beer down the front of my pants, I enjoyed being in the midst of it all. Who wouldn’t?

Cheap drinks, over the top door prizes, complimentary limo ride home (or to the after party) and dressing up in the finest dress you could find at your local clothing store all made for a night to remember. 

Whether it’s due to every social faux pas being captured on social media or increased corporate responsibility, for most of us, our office Christmas party has turned into just another day at the office, albeit with tastier food and slightly fancier looking peers. So, remember: before you make a photocopy of your butt or spike the punch, H.R. (along with everyone else), is watching – just waiting to ruin your good time.

giphy (2)  ~ C.U.Next Tuesday, R. Dolly




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