Pine Cone Paradise Tray



On a whim, I decided to head out to the trees in my front yard and search for pine cones for our Pine Cone Paradise Tray. R-Dolly had already gathered the large cones and I didn’t know if we’d need different sizes for filler. I harvested the cones later than usual and ended up digging into a thin layer of snow to find little cones. This worked out well because some of the cones had started to open just before they froze and I found some interesting looking specimens.

P.S. If digging in a thin layer of snow for frozen pine cones, use an implement – not bare hands and remember: The poop of a small dog looks exactly like a pine cone.


  • Wooden, plastic or glass tray (we found ours at the dollar store)
  • Pine cones – different sizes
  • Spray paint (optional)
  • Rocks
  • Acrylic paint (gold, silver, white)
  • Glitter (gold and silver)
  • Glass candle holders
  • Candles


  • You can either spray paint your trays or leave them the way they are.
  • The pine cones can be left natural, spray painted, painted with a brush or dipped in paint. *If you want glitter on a spray painted pine cone, you’re going to have to shake some glitter on while it’s still wet. **If you want a natural looking pine cone with glitter, use a clear paint or a paint that is a close match to wet the tips before rolling it in the glitter or shaking some glitter onto the cone. Let dry.
  • Spread some glitter onto a paper plate and while the paint is still wet, roll the pine cone in the glitter or shake some glitter onto the cone. Let dry.
  • Place the large pine cones and candle holders on the tray to figure out where you want everything placed and then glue down the large pine cones with hot glue or E-6000 glue.
  • Glue in medium pine cones. You can also glue down some of the rocks for stability and then glue tiny pine cones on top of the secured rocks.
  • Fill in the rest of the tray with rocks.

Thanks, Tips

In case you weren’t aware, pinecones are flammable. Keep a respectable distance away from your open candle flame and do not leave unattended.

~C. Dolly~


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